Thursday, January 21, 2010


I love our bedroom here. It's so peaceful. I always feel like I'm on vacation when I'm in there. I love the way the light streams in through the window and filters across the room. I tried to capture what I was seeing exactly this morning, but it's hard. Still trying to play with settings on the camera.

Ok so the mirror is dirty (ignore that) but I tried several different settings to try and capture the way the light was glowing in, but it was always soooo bright around the window. It wasn't overly bright outside, but I just couldn't get it to reflect that.

I love this mirror. It's just a Target mirror, my mom got it for me years ago. I also love our bedspread. That's from Target too. 20 bucks on clearance. I don't often shop at chain stores anymore, but I'm a sucker for Target and clearance sales.

This hangs in the window, but the light was blinding it out. This was a cheapie find, but I love this too.

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Sara said...

I love your room! It does look cozy. You captured it. :)