Thursday, January 28, 2010



This is the really super simple tie quilt I started over 3 years ago as a gift for a friends baby. I never gave it to her, because the batting didn't line up just right, all I had left to do was sew the top corner and tie it off. For 3 years it sat because it wasn't perfect and I never got around to fixing it. I've been making an effort to let things go and stop waiting for them to be perfect. So a couple months ago, I pulled it out and finished it up without replacing the batting. Since it's a little bitty lap quilt it's not really going to work for a bed quilt for the baby who's, yeah, 3 now : / 
My mom gave me the pillow for Christmas and the rocking chair a few years ago. I like the rocking chair, but it's not super comfortable. I've been on the lookout for an older worn in one at the thrift stores.


Sara said...

I love the comfyness of this picture! Great quilt and the pillow caught my eye. Love them! I'm sure another baby girl will come along that you can gift the quilt to. Or keep it. :D

Alison Neufang said...