Saturday, January 9, 2010

Taking pictures

I'm not a photographer (obviously) I'm a snapshot kinda girl. Which is why I like this project. It gets me thinking and paying attention to how I take pictures. Sometime I'd love to take a photography class.

My sister in law got us a camera several years ago for Christmas and I loved it, it was simple and easy to use. A cannon powershot, so when that one broke (ok, by me dropping it) I got the newer version. This ones a couple of years old now, a powershot A570. It's not a bad camera. But all my pictures all seem to be coming out grainy lately. Now, this very well could be because I don't take care of my camera. It often travels in my purse, unprotected. Or a coat pocket. Or my husbands pants pocket.

Does anyone know what's causing the grainy-ness? Is it my failure to take care of it properly? Are my settings screwy (I do mess around with settings not having a clue what I'm doing) or is it just basic user malfunction, do I just suck at taking pictures?



AmyBean said...

Probably your ISO is too high. ISO is a setting that allows you to take pictures in low light, but it does give you that graininess. Generally speaking, you want your ISO to be as low as possible for the available light. You probably have your camera set to auto right now, which is fine, but it's going to give you the settings it thinks you need, which may not be the actual best settings.

I'm not familiar with your camera, but your manual should have a brief section on ISO and how to change it. There might even be a button right on your camera that says ISO, or it might be in your menu. Try changing it and see what happens.

gardenofsimple said...

I was messing with the ISO a while ago! So I must have done something strange with it. And I do use it on auto, only because otherwise my pictures tend to blur. I've browsed the manual once or twice, but I guess if I want to get better I should go through it in a bit more detail huh? Thanks! :D

Cari, Abe, and Paige said...

I feel the same way. I think my issue though is that since I've started following all of these photography blogs, I feel that my pictures are very sub-par to everyone else's. LOL So, basically I just feel like I have a pos camera. It's my exucse to purchase a new one :)

Sara said...

Yep, read the manual. The ISO is my first choice too. I usually have mine at 800 or 400. Point and shoots are good cameras and you can get great shots from them. Just keep playing around.