Sunday, April 25, 2010


See what's happening here


I don't think we'll be doing dandelion wine this year, we're not near as many dandelions this year. I think I should plant a patch of them!


Yay! The Husband got a clothesline built for me!



I know. I post a lot of flower pictures. And there are more to come. Not because I'm very good at taking them. Simply because it's Spring and that's what I'm noticing!

These blossoms are from the tree on the other side of our driveway. When it first bloomed I thought how nice it would be to have a couple in the backyard, maybe hang a hammock between them. When I went over to take the pictures, there was a LOUD hum of bees. The tree was swarmed with them. So, the tree, and it's pretty flowers can stay right on the other side of the driveway with it's bees. I'll find something else for the backyard!

Monday, April 19, 2010



What's this? Woodstove in mid-April? Oh yes. Our unseasonably warm weather ended and we were 'treated' to a couple cold, rainy, much more CNY like weather.


Super blurry, I know. But I had to post it. My goodness, he's such a mix of teenager and child right now (my oldest, Evan, in the back) his face says child to me still. I wonder if maybe it always will. But every day it seems his style, his mannerisms, his personality - more and more a teen.


The new mudroom color. I'm not loving it, at all. It's not so mustardy in real life - but close. I wanted more of a goldenrod/brown mustard. And the cream isn't the right shade of cream. It looks like a dirty laundromat. Blah.


Making progress. Sort of. It's sat like this for a weekish now!


Monday, April 12, 2010


Morning walk. I so love it here.


Can't believe how green it's gotten in the last week. Where the play set and fort are going.

one hundred!


Kevin said I wouldn't be able to capture how foggy it was on camera. I still tried. He was right. It was thick that morning!



first spring flower!



Sunday, April 4, 2010



My husbands band, Boots N Shorts

I don't know what setting my camera was on half the night, but it was obviously all wrong (and I was um, slightly tipsy and couldn't be bothered to fix it)

Anyway, there's still something I really like about this picture.

(that's me in the black shirt and skirt. The skirt was a  3 dollar thrift store find, and perfect for the unseasonably warm evening!)


It was in the 80's this weekend (almost 90 on Friday!). Perfect for some grilling!


Colin had a play at school, the nanny goats gruff. I was honestly really amazed at how good it was for first graders. It was obvious how much time and effort was placed into it. No good pictures of the play - it was dark and we were in the back, this was just after.




Seems Sunday is becoming my catch-up day. I'd really like to try getting back to posting daily.

vanilla yogurt from Wake Robin Farm, and freezer berries from last summer.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


This is actually from day 86. Today's a 12 hour work day, it's not easy to get pictures on Sundays!

We had a living room slumber party, and turned off the lights for Earth Hour.


making pizza dough


Easter egg hunt


hiking the hill again. It was only twenty-something degrees this morning and there was frost/light snow on the top of the hill. I took what I thought would be a cool picture of a small waterfall covered in icicles, but it didn't come out. I like this one though, I love the evergreens against all the brown.


We hiked up and around the back part of our hill, past the pond at the top and into where we had never been. The warm temperatures a week ago fooled me into early spring. Everything is still so brown. I can't wait for the green to start appearing!


Just before the cat knocked over the cup of tea onto the fabric

making new spring curtains. I got this fabric a while ago at the thrift store for under 2 dollars. I had enough to make valences for 5 windows!


Day turns into two turns into a week. I've been lazy with posting. I'll try and get back to every day again this week.

Monday, March 22, 2010


On our morning hike, Colin found this itty bitty flower poking through.


New tire swing. I have lots and lots of pictures from this day, of them playing. But there's something I really love about this one. It's far from the best one, but it just really grabs me.


Stuff. Lots and lots of stuff. We cleaned and put shelves up in our basement. About half of this got shipped out of our lives, thank goodness.


St. Patricks Day - The Husbands band, Boots N Shorts - that lady dancing, she's funny. You can always find her dancing at local music. She always dances the same way too (no matter the band or the song), round in circles, arms shaking, eyes closed, smile on her face. This night, two skinny, young girls handing out info on some alcohol or another were giving her sideways glances and smirking. I understand why. But this lady. Those young girls have nothing on her. The open joy this woman exudes, she's something special.


I know, this was also posted on moonlit hill. Forgive me, it's what I have. Staking the new garden area.


This is why I was trying to post everyday. Because a day turns into 2 and 3 and before you know it it's a week and I'm way behind. :/

It doesn't look great, but  it was. My attempt at cooking at work, oh the joys of working evenings.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Just a few steps down from our house - winter and snow - melting, washing away!