Monday, March 22, 2010


St. Patricks Day - The Husbands band, Boots N Shorts - that lady dancing, she's funny. You can always find her dancing at local music. She always dances the same way too (no matter the band or the song), round in circles, arms shaking, eyes closed, smile on her face. This night, two skinny, young girls handing out info on some alcohol or another were giving her sideways glances and smirking. I understand why. But this lady. Those young girls have nothing on her. The open joy this woman exudes, she's something special.


This Little Family said...

I love these pictures of yours with the band playing. My dad was in a band when I was growing up and those are some of my fondest memories!

Sara said...

I love the story with the picture. Your experiences with the band always fascinate me. It is a culture I've not experienced.